Courses are paid by the semester, so make sure that your calendar is free on the relevant dates. If Wespeak has to cancel lessons, you will be offered compensation lessons.

The payment includes all materials used in class. If you need receipt for the payment – perhaps your company will pay for the lessons? – that can be arranged as well.

The price is 150DKK per hour – there’s usually 2 hours per day.

And as there’s usually 10 days of teaching in a semester, the price for a semester is 3.000 DKK.

See more on individual courses.

Payment is made for a semester at a time – it is possible by agreement to divide the payment off in several smaller amounts.

Private teacher

If you need a private teacher, we can arrange that as well. The price is 450 DKK per hour, including VAT.

Please get in touch and let’s meet first, if you’re looking for a private teacher.