Danish numbers – how hard can it be?

Learn the numbers from 1 to 10 in danish

Danish numbers are easy. “en” is one, “to” is two – and “femoghalvfems” is ninetyfive. That’s because “halvfems” actually is four and a half times twenty. And then you just add the five at front of it. So “femoghalvfems” – easy, right? The Danish number system is partly a base10 system. Same as most other … Read moreDanish numbers – how hard can it be?

New Danish classes in January 2018

We will be starting courses from the ending of January 2018. We start out with 4 courses,  two for beginners and two for more experienced students. Courses will be placed as follow: Danish beginners Tuesdays 16-18, beginning January 30 Thursday 18-20, beginning February 1 Danish experienced Tuesdays 18-20, beginning January 30 Thursdays 16-18, beginning February … Read moreNew Danish classes in January 2018